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  1. Zuluzil

    F V T V R Λ vinyl a-z magick_drones_psychedelic_folk_field_rock_doom Aidan Baker – Pure Drone / Compendium One LP Beta-lactamring. Aidan Baker – Pure Drone / Compendium One LP Beta-lactamring. Auf Lager.
  2. Keshakar

    electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, flute, voice, accordion, drums, organ, synthesizer, field recordings, performer, recording engineer, composer.
  3. Nikosida

    Aidan Baker's I Wish Too, To Be Absorbed is a 2-disc compilation of tracks from various out-of-print, limited edition releases spanning the last 10 years of Baker's output, ranging from his very first release to material that was featured on the soundtrack to a book of his poetry.
  4. Tygokinos

    Pure Drone: Drone Compendium One (LP) Aidan Baker Songs Of Flowers & Skin (CD) Aidan Baker Liminoid/Lifeforms (CD) Aidan Baker Gathering Blue [Sky Blue Vinyl] (LP) Aidan Baker I Wish Too To Be Absorbed (CD) Aidan Baker Still Life (CD) Aidan Baker View More. Label Releases. Gourd Of Gold (CD) Arbouretum A Gourd Of Gold (LP).
  5. Duzahn

    Aidan Baker Pure Drone (Drone Compendium One) Rated: Mister Aidan Baker will not get hauled in for questioning over his LP title being misleading - pure drone is exactly what it is and it's done very well indeed. Problem is, that it's so pure and so drone that there's nothing else for me, or anyone, to say.
  6. Dushura

    Oct 15,  · A planned series of 7 LPs curated by Aidan Baker on Beta-lactam Ring Records. Each physical release was supposed to become available on its own, apart from the seventh LP by Nadja (5). That was to be available only to subscribers (limited to ). Subscribers supposedly were to receive numbered and signed copies in special book-bound covers of the.
  7. Tojakasa

    Aidan Baker One guitar, a thousand sides interview by Matteo Meda. Tweet. The most interesting thing about you is the variety of soundworlds you work with. AIDAN BAKER (discografia parziale) CD & LP: I Fall Into You (CD-R, Somewhere There (Drone Compendium Two) .

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