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  1. Vinris

    Jan 23,  · Resolution was passed by the UN Security Council in November, , following a war in June of between Israel and its neighbours. During that war, Israel invaded and occupied Gaza and the Sinai Peninsula, territory held by or belonging to Egypt. Israel also invaded and occupied the Golan Heights, territory belonging to Syria.
  2. Kazisida

    Jan 15,  · Arthur J. Goldberg was the United States representative to the United Nations, , and before that a U.S. Supreme Court justice. He helped draft Resolution • American Foreign Policy Interests, The resolution does not explicitly require that Israel withdraw to the lines that it occupied on June 5, , before the outbreak of the war.
  3. Mozahn

    Fragment. There can be no Doubt what Means: [—Preceding text fragment remained from unsigned January comments, added by and Abu afak (), removed by PierreFH in April ] The nature of the resolution. I have moved the debate about the binding nature of Security Council resolutions from the article to here for discussion.
  4. Negul

    The term UN Resolutions and refers to two resolutions approved by the UN Security Council. Resolution was approved after the war (11/67) while Resolution was approved during the war (10/73). Background. UN Resolutions and call for the peaceful resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict through territorial compromise.
  5. Bagrel

    UN Security Council Resolution has been the pivotal point of reference in all Arab-Israeli diplomacy since Every major Arab-Israeli agreement – from the Egyptian-Israeli Treaty of Peace through the Oslo Agreements – refers to Resolution
  6. Akinokazahn

    Security Council resolution , adopted on 22 November , and resolution , adopted on 22 October , are considered basic instruments in all subsequent discussions of a Middle East.

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