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  1. Moogugar

    Satan, the sexual potency in both genital areas, controls the tree of knowledge, so, this is why Satan offers the fruits to Eve; thus every time that we perform the sexual act or use the sexual energy, it is our own individual particular Satan who tempts us to eat the fruit, that is, to satisfy our animal lustful appetites through the bestial.
  2. Gucage

    Theistic Satanism was here before LaVeyan Satanism. There are more types of Satanism than just LaVeyan/Atheistic. Not all Theistic Satanist’s believe in the Christian or Catholic depicted Satan. Do some research, and open your mind a bit before you spout lies and ignorance.
  3. Akibei

    Walpurgisnacht of XXXVII On the last page of The Satanic Rituals, Dr. LaVey highlighted the common year as being significant to the evolution of Satanism. It is now the end of the second Working Year in this new Age of Fire which he established in “Meaningful and portentous messages are cast forth each eighteen [ ].
  4. Nigrel

    The Grand Book Of Satan THE MOST COMPLETE COLLECTION OF SATANIC ARTS EVER UNVEILED This Blog contains the Writings from the above Book written by myself (Frater Sirus) and Worked on for the past 24 years in it the Reader will find over Demonic Evocations,Initiation and Consecration Workings Rites of Satanic Seership and Infernal Sex .
  5. Kazrahn

    If I were a Christian, and if I thought that abortion or homosexuality were morally wrong, I think it would be hard not be believe that Satan, as in Lewis' novel, was personally behind Democrat politics. The mix of lies, seduction, death, sterility, and corruption seems Satanic in its combination of fair face and vicious substance, hedonism and.
  6. Tuhn

    Lucifer, also known as Satan or simply The Devil, is regarded by many religions as the supreme overlord of Hell and demons. Alternatively, he is also considered to be the living embodiment of evil, whose power is second only to that of God. Although Satan was originally a Judeo-Christian concept, almost all orthodox religions have an evil godlike (or semi-godlike) figure that can be .
  7. Tecage

    Anarchy and anarchism practically always have more than 50% degree of anarchy, have less than 50% authoritarian degree, but satanism and hell are something with more than per thousand authoritarian degree. Thus, satanism and anarchism are contradictions, in reality have nothing in common.
  8. Gagami

    Dakhma of Angra Mainyu – is form of Indian Satanism to the god Angra Mainyu (Ahriman). Angra Mainyu is seen as a destroyer. This is coming from an ancient Middle Easterner and Indian perspective of the principle of creation through the destruction: Satanic Temple – Right to Accurate Medical Awareness Has to do with abortion.

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