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  1. Meztir

    May 14,  · The Smiths' song "Still Ill" from their self-titled debut album. I decree today that life Is simply taking and not giving England is mine - it owes me a living But ask me why, and I'll spit in.
  2. Motaxe

    The whole world changed, the society changed, the economics (note the Thatcher and economy links), but he is still gay, so "still ill", hasn't changed. Under teh bridge and sore lips, could be that gays often met under bridges and railway stations.4/5(5).
  3. Daiktilar

    Great collection of the Smiths! 1) The Smiths ‎– Lonely Planet Boys Unofficial Release, Live Recordings, Red Marble Tracklist Hand In Glove Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now Girl Afraid This Charming Man Barbarism Begins At Home Miserable Lie This Night Has Opened My Eyes Still Ill I Don't Owe You Anything What Difference Does It Make? Handsome Devil You've Got Everything Now .
  4. Kagagul

    May 17,  · The Smiths - Lonely Planet Boys [De Meervaart, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 21st April ] [Remaster] Source Vinyl LP "Lonely Planet Boys" Track List: 01 - Hand In Glove 02 - Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now 03 - Girl Afraid 04 - This Charming Man 05 - Barbarism Begins At Home 06 - Miserable Lie 07 - This Night Has Opened My Eyes 08 - Still Ill.
  5. Gardarn

    I think Still Ill is about the emotional pain of a relationship ending and an attempt to rekindle it that doesn't work. As Moz says we cannot cling to the old dreams anymore. It can also be viewed as a statement on changing times when it was probably written in late 70s or 80s when the country was going through massive upheaval.
  6. Nesho

    The Smiths song lyrics collection. Browse lyrics and The Smiths albums.
  7. Muk

    This is the day When things fall into place. You could've done anything if you'd wanted And all your friends and family think that you're lucky. But the side of you they'll never see Is when you're left alone with the memories That hold your life together like glue You pull back the curtains, and the sun burns into your eyes, You watch a plane.

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