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  1. Mekazahn

    -a bar chart showing the relative intensities of the different frequencies of sound-usually we actually hear a superposition of different frequencies (not a defined sinusoidal wave). if you a play a note, you get the fundamental frequency, but also the standing waves predicted at higher harmonics.
  2. Faezshura

    Mar 30,  · When crossing the alley; we discover a team filming the strange person. A smile of relief spreads over our face, now all is clear! This is a movie. The fear has gone.” The lesson of this story is that if we could similarly root out ignorance and alienation in relation to mental health challenges and to people suffering from them, we will all Cited by:
  3. Femi

    An opening in anything made by breaking or parting. He made a gap in the fence by kicking at a weak spot.· An opening allowing passage or entrance. We can slip through that gap between the buildings.· An opening that implies a breach or defect. There is a gap between the roof and the gutter. A vacant space or time. I have a gap in my schedule next.
  4. Darr

    Dec 07,  · IT IS NOT AND NEVER WILL BE A VACUUM and if it's not a vacuum it has to be something, just like an empty room is not empty but it appears empty but we all know it's full of atmosphere or gas or whatever you want to call it. How people refuse to understand this is as baffling as hell but this is mainstream science for you.
  5. Goltinris

    Really, it's superb - one of the best new straight-up disco tracks we've heard in a while. Elsewhere, local lads Outboxx drop a chunk of loved-up deep house, Waifs and Strays impress with the bubbly, powdery "Now Come", and newcomer Kemback goes all dreamy .
  6. Vozuru

    Dec 13,  · We measure this same tone on the other side of the wall and find we have 75 dB. So we would say that at this tone or pitch, we have 25 dB Transmission Loss. 25 dB less sound energy made it through the wall to the other side. Interestingly, a test tone with a different pitch sent through that same wall might only see a 4 dB transmission loss.
  7. Voll

    Chapter Time Pressure, Pt 1. April 16th, The noise around the room went down in volume as some conversations stilled. because running was an invitation for somebody to stop you.) Somewhere in his mind he was moving through an empty room filled with mechanical puppets by whose meaningless lip-moving noises he'd been distracted-.
  8. Mazum

    Jan 31,  · A beauty no man could resist with only one thought on her lust filled mind, to share her body and the moon’s gift with every man she can find. By the time the sun rises she will have finally satisfied her carnal desires and there will be a whole new batch of .

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